Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Creative Space

Yesterday, I was trying to decide what to post today when I realized... I haven't spent that much time in my creative space this week. I've been doing a lot of reading, job searching and working on an online course but nothing much creative. I did get our sketchbook collaboration from Angie, but I can't show you that just yet (you can see the pages Angie added in here).

So, I pulled out my Amber altered book to see if I had any pages complete in there that I hadn't shown on here yet. Turns out, there were a bunch! Here are just two (our cable modem is dying, so our internet is very slow and uploading photos is excruciating) - I'll post more later.

First, here's a really old page... I think this may have been the second or third page I completed in this altered book. I can't really remembered the steps I took to get here, but I know there are layers of gesso, writing, orange and purple paint, more writing and then a top layer of collage. It isn't my favourite page, but I love the colours and the saying/motto I wrote on the tag. Madame Butterfly also makes me really happy.

This next page is one of the more recent ones and one of my favourites. The teal colour is just so rich (these photos do not do it justice)! I also really like the texture, shine and colour combo on that paisley paper. 

For this one, I started with a layer of gesso, then wrote messily in charcoal. Next, I used up some leftover paint (as I often do) on the right side. The teal paint just happened to match this patterned paper perfectly - so I completely covered the left side and cut out some of the paisley shapes for the right. The trees, butterfly and quote complete the page.
I really like flipping through this book - my progress and growth as an artist over the last year is very apparent! You can find more photos from my Amber altered book in this folder on my Flickr.

You can find more creative spaces here.


Angie said...

The "50 Fav Moments" tag is a super cute idea!

Angie said...
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Lisa said...

loving your pages !! just gorgeous i really need to find a decent journal .
hugs xo