Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home Decor: Glassware Display

I've seen collections of vases & glassware all over the internet. I've always loved this look & sought to replicate it with my own pieces a while ago. My collection has evolved over the years & grown. This is where it stands now:
It's probably my favourite corner of the living room... well, books will always be my #1 choice when it comes to decor, but this is a close second:
This assortment of of glassware originates from all over. The vase with the flower arrangement (which changes seasonally of course) used to house a fish.
The cruet is vintage (from online), as is the mini iron (blogged here), the bell cloches, the cute fawn (both also online) & the pretty flower vase (from my mom).
The 3 knotted jars were a gift from my mom - they were the start of this glassware collection, even though I had some of the pieces before I got these.
I picked up the star at a Hamilton craft show. The "mountain" came from Banff (it's a rattle! I blogged about it here).
That pretty flower vase? Also from my mom. It matches the flowers I display in the spring / summer perfectly! Those 2 small turquoise bowls are from a small shop in North Bay & the bunny is vintage (an online purchase). The black pot was a gift from my supervisor (handmade!).
Inside the second cloche is a crocheted-covered rock by knitalatte.
In the back right corner is a vase (a gift from Pat - it held a "get well soon" flower arrangement for a minor operation I had on my wrist back in high school), a love Angel (from my grandma), a tiny vial (don't remember where I came across that... the lab?) & a vintage jar from my mom.
Both the vial & the jar contain an assortment of greenish & colourless beads. The jar also contains a few other trinkets, like a sparkly star, a tiny Eiffel tower & a tiny bow.

What do you think of my glass collection?


Angie said...

Great collection! At least it's not geeky like my stamp collection LOL. I really love that purple flower art piece that you have hung up too!

Anonymous said...

Your collection is simply breathtaking. My aunt loves collecting glass figurines as well. I believe she sold half of it when she moved into her new house from Ryan homes. She cannot bring all of them.

Sharon said...

I love your collection. These glasses are very enticing. I would love to make our collection as an inspiration. I love the idea of making them as decors. I just bought a new house courtesy of thailand real estate, and I think I should start collecting one now.

Unknown said...

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