Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Searching for Blog Sponsors: February

So... after much debate, I've finally decided to go ahead & offer advertisements spots on my blog. For now, I'm keeping things very exclusive - there will only be three spots, situated right between the "creative director" & "follow me" widgets on my sidebar.

Since February will be my first month of advertisement, I'm offering the space at a very discounted price - FREE! You can't get any cheaper than that!

Act now - March will only be free for returning advertisers!

My page views aren't through-the-roof, but I have been working on them steadily (& plan on continuing to do so), building them up to be around 150 per day, with well over 1000 unique visitors per month. That means you're exposing at least 1000 new people to your blog or shop when you advertise on my blog for just 1 month!

What you get:
  1. Prime real estate on my blog sidebar.
  2. Two "check out my sponsors" blog posts a month: one will be a collective post for all 3 ads, the second will be a post highlighting each shop/blog individually. These promo posts will be once a week.
What I need from you:
  1. An ad. Make it a jpg or png file, 200px (width) by 150px (height). If you don't have one made up already, I can make one for you - just let me know what you want it to look like (a photo/image to use is helpful).
  2. The link you want your ad to refer back to.
  3. Some recognition: since you're advertising here, I'd like for your viewers / readers to visit this blog as well. A simple blog post or announcement (via Facebook or Twitter, for example) is sufficient.
What to do:

Send your ad (or ad criteria) & link to ulixis.crafts@gmail.com. Please send only 1 email with "February advertisement" as the subject line. Due to time constraints, I will only be replying to the 3 submissions that will be posted on my blog.

As examples, I have posted 3 ads to my own shops in my blog sidebar (right above "follow me"). These will be replaced with your ads in February.

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