Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Creative Space

Mom surprised me at Christmas with an assortment of craft supplies. It was a surprise because these are not something she normally buys for me, especially since there aren't really any craft stores back home (besides Fabricland & a knitting shop). But she's been traveling to Montreal for work & happened to come across a sweet little mixed-media shop, where she promptly had to resist buying one of everything (that's where I get it from!).

Anyway, here are the things she decided on:

This awesome paintbrush holder is perfect for drying my brushes & holding other tools, like pens & the watercolor pencils my mom also grabbed for me (you can see the 6 different colours at the front of the rack).

Once dry, I can now pack my best brushes away safely in this awesome bamboo roll:

Fittingly, I also received a new paintbrush - I've actually never seen one like this, with 2 different lengths of bristles.

Last but not least, mom also picked up this magnificent watercolour notebook to go with my pencils.

Here's the first page I filled in using my new supplies:

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