Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Year in Review

I wasn't planning on doing a year in review; I usually don't. But then I started seeing them on all my favourite blogs, so I started browsing through last year's January posts. Nostalgia soon set in & I thought it would be nice to have all my favourite posts & pictures of the year in one spot.

So here we go...

Best of Mosaic Monday

January 10: sun & snow

May 30: rain

August 22: 25

September 19: success

September 26: autumn moments

December 19: red & green macro

The Best of Each Month


I started out the year with a post expressing the same sentiments I was feeling while writing the first post of this year. I recommended an awesome book, which made me realize I haven't written about hardly any of the great books I read last year. I rounded out the month by finishing & showing off my Sketchbook Project (Parts One, Two & Three) (something I'll be doing again this month).


February was a quiet month devoted to painting & my sketchbook. I did post a quick recipe I need to start making more often & some inspiring photography of dancers in everyday places.


March saw an improvement in my photography as well as a few interesting posts. I started out the month by showing off my latest vintage finds. I talked about my dreams & the difference between nutritionists & dietitians. I was also inspired by the intricate work of the artist Armelle Caron.


Two of my favourite posts of the year were written in April - this one on complaining & this one about kitchen prep. Two completely different topics, but I really enjoyed writing both & may have to revisit both soon. April was also the month we adopted Henry, the sweetest bunny ever. Unfortunately, he ate something that didn't agree with him & he's no longer with us. April is also the month I started Sunday Seven, a weekly feature where I list what I'm thankful for each day. I really want to get back into the habit of those...


It was getting warmer in May & Pat & I were hiking the Hamilton trails. I like this fun post on our different perspectives. I went to Denver in May & posted an amazing raw chocolate-date-pecan bar recipe. My photography skills continued to improve, as evidenced in this Project 52 update. Which makes me wish I hadn't dropped it at the end... I'm going to try again this year, but on my own without themes.


I had a major presentation in June - it went well, but I was gross & sweaty. Pat & I continued exploring Hamilton's waterfalls & saw the Devil's Punchbowl. I participated in the 30-Day Journal Challenge, which inspired me to start 366Pages.


I went home for a week in July & came back with plenty of photos! Here's a recap of my vacation. One random Tuesday, I posted three times, all worth mentioning: Morning Fog, Clothes Fresh off the Line & my Royal Doulton collection. Finally, here's one of my favourite Project 52 updates.


I turned 25 & my aunt got married in August. I had fruit on the brain: I blogged a Science Byte about them & started a new project exploring new-to-me fruit. I also blogged about the cottage, a cherished childhood vacation destination I don't get to visit often enough anymore.


September was a month of celebration. Pat's birthday, my defense, my little bird Michael's life, a bumper crop of was a good month!


October was a month of fall photos, most from my trip home for Thanksgiving. There was a cute post about Edward & my mom, a note on cutting wood & lot of fall foliage (parts one & two). Angie's Art Classes were in full swing - this Klimt one was my favourite.


November was a whirlwind. Pat & I took a quick trip to New Jersey to surprise my friend Dorana at her baby shower (parts one, two, three, four & five - parts six, seven & eight from December). I also started posting Weekly Forecasts, a feature I plan on keeping up. I teased you with a preview prompt for 366Pages & had fun playing alone.


December was a busy month of holiday baking & merry making. I was especially proud of my cherry flips, my date turnovers & my pretty tree. I got new glasses this month & was charmed off the sidewalk. Pat & I had a quiet little Christmas at home before heading North to our families.

Lessons Learned

This year in review has inspired me to blog more personally: more favourite recipes, more dreams, more books, more outfits & more photos. Some of the more random posts are the best ones. I've started a special monthly agenda just for my blog so that I can plan ahead & be better organized. If any ideas pop into my head, I can jot them down for blogging later.

This look back at the year made me realize how much I enjoyed daily yoga ... & how much I miss it. I need to organize our space more efficiently so that I can have room to stretch out easily. I really want to get back into a healthy routine this new year!

My favourite photos of 2011 coming up next!


Angie said...

Sounds like a good, but busy year! Hope 2012 treats you just as well, or even better!

Lizzie Barbie said...

Great idea to have all your best post in one place! I love all the mosaics! Waiting for tomorrow's :) Your bunny was so sweet! With his huge ears, he was a big bunny too! I'm sorry you lost two pets in the same year...