Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas

Pat & I had our Christmas Wednesday night.

I was really happy with how the gifts looked, all decked out in red. Almost too pretty to open....


It was one of our best Christmas' here yet, despite our knowing half our gifts in advance. Still, there were still a few surprises...

Like this:

This is definitely the highlight gift for me: a 4-in-1 cake plate / dip dish / punch bowl! I had seen it when Pat & I were browsing Canadian Tire a while back, but I never thought he'd get it for me! It's the type of thing he just rolls his eyes & nods sarcastically at while I point out how awesome it is.

So first it's a cake plate:


or without the dome lid (that counts as 2 in the 4-in-1, even though it's technically the same thing).

Doesn't that date pastry look delicious displayed this way? I can't wait to make an actual cake & really try it out!

Second, or third I guess, it's also a dip bowl:

A nice size for salsa & tortilla chips, or veggies & dip, or whatever you fancy.

Lastly - this is the coolest - it's also a punch bowl!

How awesome is that?! What a versatile serving piece! Plus, it's Anchor glass, so it's very sturdy.

I love it! Thanks Pat!

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Mrs Linee said...

Oooo Amanda I love this how functional and space saving having the three in one.. Wll done Pat..