Friday, December 2, 2011

Walking on the Beach

When we arrived at the ocean, the beach was mostly blocked off with construction. But off to the side was a big rock formation, like a giant dock made of stones.... I think it's called a breaker?
Anyway, we walked over to & on it to get closer to the waves.
The rocks were pretty neat themselves, even stained with bird poop.
We were heading back to the beach when we noticed a girl taking a photo of something right at the edge of the water, a little further along the beach. Of course I had to go check it out.... it was a dead bird. So I took a photo too:
Poor thing.

Lastly, as we were walking out onto the breaker - stone dock thing - Pat asked: "Did you take a picture of the foam?"
I hadn't, it was pretty ugly & I told him as much.

"But it's sea foam!"

So I took a photo. Lovely sea foam, no?


Lizzie Barbie said...

Yeah the foam is good too! The pictures are lovely!

Angie said...

It's true, sea form doesn't look too pretty - but it's funny how when you hear 'seaform' most people think of a love green/blue lol

fmx said...

Hi I saw your picture of the dead bird, I was wondering if I could use it to go with a poem, We have an online magazine (non-profit) and it would be lovely if we can use your picture.
The magazine address is and FB: facebook/eucaliptica
My name is Fernando and I'am the editor/curator. Most of our texts are in spanish, but sometimes I publish stuff in english.