Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekly Forecast

Good morning Monday!

Are you ready to tackle the week? Once again, my to-do list is long & I hope to cross out most of it!

Last week I posted a mini update on Monday, along with a list of things I wanted to accomplish & blog about that week. I rather enjoyed the process - it was a great reminder to go back to during a hectic week. I didn't get many of my domestic tasks done last week though, so I'm going to try to concentrate on those this week.

The highlight of my week will definitely be getting some new glasses. Last week, I went to get my eyes checked & received my very first prescription. So we went shopping for glasses this weekend. I found the perfect pair, quite easily too! The only problem is that the frames I like come in 3 different colours & they only had 2 in stock. The 3rd should be in by Wednesday or so... & then I'll have to decide! The store is having a BOGO free sale though, so I may go with 2 of them. We'll see.

To-Do List:
  • Monday: start baking cookies (at least one batch)
  • post a new item in each shop each day (an MMG challenge)
  • fill in a page a day in my December journal
  • break out my sewing machine & hem mom's tablecloth (promise!) - then make a few more things while I'm at it (some napkins or a table runner with the excess, bags/cozies)
  • bake more cookies & make chocolate candies/truffles
  • make & send my Christmas cards
I'll think I'll leave it at that - there's a lot more to do, but I want to make it achievable. Any more I can do will be bonus!

To-Blog List:
  • Mosaic Monday
  • Part 2 of my holiday wish list
  • My Creative Space
  • my Christmas cards & cookies that I will make this week
  • a 366Pages giveaway
  • a look at some of my holiday decorations
  • a winter palette
So that's my week - should be frantic, like December usually is!

What's your weekly forecast?

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