Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Baking!

I meant to get a post up earlier today, but no such luck! I've been busy in the kitchen. Here's what I've made so far this week:
  • 36 molasses cookies
  • 38 cherry flips (there's a red maraschino or green glace cherry inside)
  • 15 thumbprint cookies
  • 46 mint almond truffles
  • 40 pecan cookie dough truffles
I'm going to add a running tally like this on my sidebar in order to keep track of what I've made this year! And if you're wondering why there aren't more pictures, it's because I get caught up in the baking (& covered in flour) & completely forget!

I also have some spritz cookie dough in the fridge - it was supposed to go through my cookie press, but the poor (cheap) thing couldn't handle it. Two separate pieces snapped.... *sigh* So I'm just going to roll the dough out & use cookie cutters instead; I have lots of fun shapes, including some woodland friends ones I found at IKEA.

If you were wondering (mom) why there are so few thumbprints, it's because I forgot to thumbprint the second batch. They puffed right up. So I turned them into cookie crumbs (with pecans) & made truffles out of them. GREAT idea! I'll just make another batch of the thumbprints.

Since I'm rolling & using cookie cutters for the dough I already have, I'm also planning on doing the same with some sugar cookies & shortbreads today. Yum!

Best get to it!


Kate said...

Great work! Fraser and I are baking up a storm today. Great minds think alike too - we're using the squirrel cookie cutter from the Ikea set to make red and green sugar cookie squirrels this year!

Lizzie Barbie said...

My mouth is watering!