Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Glasses

My new glasses came in the other day. I got 2 pairs for the price of one - they're both the same, one black, one green:
The black ones are a little more conservative & professional... but they're fun too. The arms have a bit of a design to them, with hot pink on the inside peeking through.
The green ones are probably my favourite, even though Pat doesn't like them so much:
They're funky & really bring out the colour of my eyes.
The arms on these ones are coppery-brown.

My prescription is really only for distances & is pretty weak, so I don't foresee myself wearing them all that often. But they're still a fun accessory to have!


donnarose said...

Amanda love your glasses
My glasses are purple and lime green
If you have to wear them then have fun with them

Lizzie Barbie said...

They are both cute! I like the green ones even though I'm not a fan of green, they go really cute with your eyes!

Deana Mattos said...

So cute, I do like the green a tad better too. Want to hear something funny, my last pair of glasses before I got my eyes done wear the exact shape. I know you aren't to surprised lol.

Angie said...

very nice! green is my fav colour, so I'm definitely with you with the second pair. Mind you, that peek of pink is pretty cute! I wouldn't be shocked if I don't end up needing them - everyone in my family has prescriptions now..some stronger than others (minus dad - who just wears jason's old glasses for reading / tv even though we lecture him...he's just a typical farmer who refuses to go in and get seen).