Friday, December 23, 2011

Date Turnovers

Since my grandparents have been going through a rough time lately, they haven't really been in the mood for celebrating Christmas much. They didn't decorate & my grandma didn't make any cookies, including her famous date turnovers.
Naturally, as I was baking up a storm these last few weeks anyway, I had to add her recipe to my list. I just made them on Wednesday & they turned out perfectly (despite a vague recipe, calling for "enough flour to form a stiff dough" & "cook dates with enough water to form a thick paste").
I had leftover date filling, so I mixed in some chopped pecans & wrapped it in puffed pastry... I hope it turned out, I haven't tried it yet. That's the pastry I displayed on my cake plate earlier.

Since today is my grandma's birthday, we're going to stop on our way through town (as we head home for the holidays). I'm bringing her a tin of baking, including plenty of the turnovers.

Happy Birthday Gramma!

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