Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Project 52 Update

My last Project 52 post left off on week 22. I was a little disappointed in myself for brushing the challenge aside & vowed to do better. And I did... for 2 weeks before falling off the bandwagon again. So, once again, I've simply browsed through my photos & chosen ones that both fit the theme (maybe, sort of) & the weekly time slot.

week 23 - enchantment

week 24 - make it tasty

week 25 - crave

week 26 - hidden objects

week 27 - nature's finest

I really want to focus a bit more on the project. I want each week's photo to have intention - to be somewhat planned or at least thought through. Otherwise, I won't be improving my photography skills!

The theme for week 28 is sweet relief & I already have a few ideas. Now I only need to follow through on them!

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