Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Creative Space

Many of you know, or have guessed by how quiet this blog has been, that I've been away. I'm spending the week up North with my family, enjoying the country & fabulous weather. I've even been swimming in the river!
I haven't taken my camera out too much, but I did capture some of the wild flowers & grasses (as seen yesterday on Wordless Wed). They're so lovely this time of year, I couldn't help picking a bouquet.

This arrangement is one of the only creative things I've done all week, besides work a bit in my sketchbooks with the small box of art supplies I brought.

For more inspiring art, check out our creative spaces!


Mrs Linee said...

Cute - something beautiful about the simple things... Like a jar of wild flowers. Great photos. Hope you enjoyed your break away.

Adriana said...

Beautiful photos.
Beautiful flowers.
Hope you had a lovely week.