Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Clothes, Fresh Off The Line

While I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago, I divided my time between their place & my brother's, which is just down the road, maybe a 4 minute walk away. One evening, I happened to have my camera on me as I ventured back to the house with my mom - luckily enough, since this was the scene greeting us as we made our way up the gravel road:
The sun was setting brilliantly, lighting the clothes on the line. The sky was darker & more sunset-hued than shown in these photos, but I was trying to capture the brightly coloured clothing on the line instead. They looked so cheery, like a bunting banner.
I hope my mom doesn't mind me posting this picture of her, but I just loved how it turned out. It doesn't necessarily feel like the sun is setting & it's hard to tell if my mom is taking the clothes off the line or pinning them up. Everything is still, lush, green. The tiller in the garden adds a rustic feel, as do the old shop & telephone post holding up the drooping wire.

This photo conveys the message: country home.

It also makes me smile because I can't help but think of something my mom always says - that the laundry always smells better fresh off the line. Which is so true & worth it, even if it's more work than throwing everything in the dryer. Oh how I used to complain about this summer chore, having to lug the basket outside & pin each item up, one by one!

And here I am now, wishing I could.

Well... except for jeans, which dry too stiffly on the line, and towel (yes, mom, towels), which dry up like sandpaper.

Anyway, since I thought this bucolic scene looked like a painting, I edited this photo with an oil finish:
I like the splotchy treeline & Buster's casual stance.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend - this weekend - so that I can drink in some more fresh air & country life!

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Deana Mattos said...

I love clothes on the line, what a great painting.