Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Update

I spent a bit of time updating my blog today - did you notice? A few weeks ago, I changed the polka dot background from purple to green. I like it much better - brighter & more cheery, don't you think?

Today, I made a few more adjustments. First, I noticed that Blogger gives you the option of changing your favicon (the little icon that shows up on the tab in your browser). I've been meaning to do this for a while since looking up some instructions on how to do it... & this was way easier! Except I can only get it to work in Firefox, not Chrome, which is my preferred browser. Why!?!!? Looks like I may have to look up those instructions again after all...

Besides a few font, colour & width adjustments, I also finally got around to elongating my blog banner so that it completely fit the wider space. I originally purchased my banner from Renee of Thomsondesigns. She's since moved to flybirdflydesigns - you can find her cut & paste banners here.

Did you notice the change? Here's what my banner looked like before (already a bit longer than the original Renee made for me - I added the 2 leftmost stripes):
To make it longer, I added a couple of patterns to the left side & stretched out the lines on the right. I also played around with the arrangement of the slices. Here was my first draft (a bit too wide now for my blog):
And the one I liked better:
What do you think? Any other changes you think would benefit my blog & make it more enjoyable to read?

1 comment:

Mrs Linee said...

I did notice and I love the green ☺