Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sketchbook Update

Here's another look into my sketchbook - it's been a while, so there are lots of photos!

~ these pages were inspired by June's journal challenge:

~ the following pages were filled while I was at home for a week ~ my niece Jaden drew on the page on the left:
~ playing with my watercolour pencils:

~ the page on the left was doodled at my gramma's, after the wedding shower ~ the page on the right is the first of a series of poems made with words from pages torn from old books:

~ you can see that I'm still really inspired by Alisa Burke's style of journaling as well ~ here's a spread I did after going for our first bike ride of the year:
~ and a final sketch of my favourite number:


Angie said...

It's funny how some people say we do or don't dream in colour - honestly, I'm not sure which is true...but I DO know, that in a dream where I hit another car: it was a red car. lol NOW: whether I saw the red, or my brain just said it was red is another issue lol. Dreams are funny things.

Lizzie Barbie said...


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! BTW: You CAN eat chocolate everyday! Just a bit, but you can! :O)

Unknown said...

Interesting lines. I love to look at the way lines go in quilting designs, in the way the fabirc piecing creates lines, in African art and African fabrics, Bolivian art is great too. If you like lines, that is...

Unknown said...

Oh, and you wish you had a pony. I have a pony. She is in the hospital. You can worry a lot about ponies. Poor Mag.