Thursday, July 21, 2011

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A week or so ago, I received a request / offer to sell some of my tags in a new store that's opening locally in August. The shop is called Atomic Cupcakes & an assortment of cupcake tags & recipe cards were ordered. This will be my first consignment - I've only had a few bulk orders before, and none for resale in a brick & mortar - how exciting!

I've been working on the order for the past week or so - want to see?

Atomic Cupcakes' tagline is "give in to your inner cupcake" so I started with that.
Each letter is stamped individually by hand for a nice, eclectic feel.
I went with a bunch of bright, cheery colours to cover a wide customer base.
I think they turned out super cute!

Next I made some "i ♥ cupcakes" ones.
I still need to glue down the cupcakes on these ones, but I think they're perfectly lovely too. "Congrats", "Happy Birthday" & a few others are still in the works - here's the stack of tags waiting to be stamped:
My table is a bit of a disaster at the moment (I'm not even going to show you my desk!):
Cupcake tops & bottoms everywhere!!!
You might have also noticed the large wreath taking up a big chunk of space. I bought the supplies to make it last weekend. I wasn't planning on buying anything but a cupcake punch (the little bag of pre-punched cupcakes I bought on Etsy was almost done & I figured I should get the punch myself) & some paper while I was at Michael's... but I just couldn't resist the gorgeous orange & yellow poppies! Plus, I haven't made myself a wreath in forever - I've made quite a few in my younger days & really enjoy it.
For now, I'm sitting with the arrangement, making small changes here & there until I'm completely satisfied. I just need to add some ribbon & glue everything down. Maybe this weekend.

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paintingpam said...

Great Photos!

linda said...

super cute tags :)

Mrs Linee said...

Well done on the order that is so exciting. And I love the tags - and I love cupcakes ☺