Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hamilton Trails

Hamilton is a big city, but there's a lot of green around too & it isn't that hard to find. There are tons of hiking trails, like the Bruce Trail, within walking distance from pretty much anywhere in the city. Plus, Hamilton is known as "the city of waterfalls" with more than 100 cascades & falls in the region. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I want to try to get outside more often & explore some of these trails. Not only for the fresh air & sunshine, but also to practice more using my camera outside. This weekend, we sought out Felker's Falls, along the Bruce & Peter Street trails.
I haven't gone through all my photos yet - not to mention the pictures from my Easter weekend at home - but here are a few of the beginning of our walk. These lovely, delicate yellow lilies were all over the place!
And while I was gushing over the tiny flowers underfoot, Pat had a different perspective:

That's why I love walking with Pat - he sees things differently, on a grander scale, & notices things that I might miss. Like this cool, twisty tree.

More photos to come, promise! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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