Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Creative Space

I haven't had much time to craft lately, so here's another peek at my sketchbook. I really try to pull it out at least once every few days - I find it keeps the creative juices flowing. Even if I just sit there with a pen & write a few words or doodle a few shapes.

The very process of putting pen to paper inspires new ideas..... But we're skipping ahead of ourselves - let's go in order, shall we?

This half-complete sketch was drawn in the car, as I waited outside of Part Source while Pat bought an oil filter for the car. I was looking at the bottles lined up in the window, wondering what to draw. I think it was an obvious choice.

Once we left the store, I put it away, unfinished, but I really want to go back to it, fill the empty shelves & add some colour.

This next spread - at least the page full of words - was inspired by this sketchbook page by Pat Pitingolo I saw on Flickr (while browsing through a sketchbook challenge group).
I really like how this looks & want to repeat it with different words & maybe some added colour.
Next I have a spread with two of my favourite quotes. Unfortunately I went ahead & drew this bouquet with permanent marker before realizing it bled through the paper:

Arg! I don't like it... but I kind of don't mind it either. It almost looks like a mirage, like the quote mentions... Not much I can do about it besides rip the page out & I just can't do that.

Head on over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces!


LiPeony said...

Love the peek into your sketch book I really like the sketch of all words and its amazing where you can find inspiration even at a car shop. Keep on drawing and being creative =D

Deana Mattos said...

love your sketch book, finally started my little one, need to get the beauty started that you made me

donnarose said...

love the doodles

lamina@do a bit said...

Oooooo I love seeing inside peoples sketch books it's always so inspiring!! :)

Seaweed and Raine said...

Love the word picture! It's worth reproducing :)