Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project 52

It's been 4 weeks, so I think it's about time for an update on my Project 52. It has been going quite well actually. I'm getting better at planning each photo each week - with the exception for week 17. I only took a handful of pictures that week, so I just chose my favourite: Henry, during his first hour home.

Wanna see?

week 15: how others see you

Hidden in a book, surrounded by books & art ... & most likely in sweatpants. I tried a few shots with jeans on, but this one just felt more natural.

week 16: furry friends

Marigold, sitting pretty for the camera (I love her delicate little front paws). As soon as I saw the theme this week, I rejoiced since I was headed home for Easter that weekend. Perfect timing!

week 17: prince(ss) for a day

As I mentioned above, I didn't plan a photo this week. Indeed, I wasn't terribly inspired & was terribly busy. So I added some brackets to make the theme fit a photo I took earlier that week... I think it works, Henry is certainly being treated like royalty now!

week 18: first thing in the morning

This one was the most fun to take. Thursday morning happened to be bright & sunny, so I took advantage & turned on my camera as soon as I hopped out of bed. I like my wispy bedhead & the shadow my hand is casting on my face. I think I nailed that "I just woke up & it's too bright" feeling.

I had some really great outtakes this week:
This one says "it's waaaaaay too early to be up!"

Check out my Flickr Project 52 folder for more outtakes & all the photos from the challenge.