Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hamilton to New Jersey (Part 1)

Last Saturday, Pat & I were up at 4AM in order to make the 8-hour drive down to New Jersey for my friend Dorana's baby shower. This trip held a number of firsts for us:
  • our first time driving so far into the US
  • our first time driving in the US alone
  • our first time driving a significant distance without Pat having studied any maps
  • our first time driving a significant distance with me navigating
  • our first time so close to the ocean
It was quite the trip & I'm proud to say we didn't get lost once! Here are the instructions I wrote out before leaving - thanks Google Maps!
And here's my sexy driver - I can't thank him enough for bringing me:

Before we left, I knew I wanted to document our drive - inspired by one of my favourite blogs, The Dainty Squid, I decided to take a photo an hour.

And then took some more in between. There was so much to see!

Since I have 45 photos of the drive there, I'm not going to show them all. You can head on over to my Flickr photostream if you're interested. I will post most of them though & I'll break them up into a couple posts to make it easier.

So let's get started shall we?

5 AM - departure

6 AM - duty free + border crossing

6:30ish AM - downtown Buffalo

7 AM - sunrise, with the moon still peeking through the trees

7:30ish AM - snow!?! We had to drive South to find it! Ha!
As you can see above, this area was quite hilly. And everywhere you looked - windmills. I don't know what it was about these, but they totally freaked me out. Chills-down-my-spine-freaked-out. When we returned at night I had to avoid looking outside because it was even worse in the dark. There was something so alien about them....

8 AM - quaint little town

9 AM - Dunkin' Donuts + more scenic countryside
We're making pretty good time, aren't we? We're almost out of New York and into Pennsylvania! Time to do a little shopping I think....

The next leg of the trip will be posted later today!

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Kara Lennox said...

I love road trips and I'm enjoying hearing about yours!