Friday, November 25, 2011

On Our Way to Jersey Shore

I don't watch the TV show "Jersey Shore" but I've heard a lot about it (just one reason I don't watch it, haha). From my brothers for one - they even hosted "Jersey Shore Night" - a themed party last spring. So when Pat & I were driving to the Jersey coast, I was on the lookout for some great photo opportunities.

There wasn't much - this was the first sign I saw, just outside our hotel:
Before heading to the coast, we stopped at a rather large shopping centre, Monmouth Mall. That's where I (excitedly) saw this bumper sticker:
In case you can't read it, it says "Jersey Strong." Nice!

After lots of shopping & some lunch, we headed for the ocean. The most direct route brought us to Long Branch:
And straight to Ocean Boulevard, which ran directly along the shore for miles.
We stopped at the first public beach we could find - took a bunch of photos (come back tomorrow for those!) & then continued driving North along Ocean Blvd / Ocean Ave until we hooked back around to the highway & headed home. The drive was beautiful; even though we couldn't see the water for the most part, the giant homes, resorts, condos & private beaches were just as breathtaking. I can't imagine being able to cross the street & arriving at the ocean!

Actually, maybe I can! It can't be that much different from back home, where I just have to cross the dirt road to get to the Veuve River.... right?

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Angie said...

LOL - I don't want Jersey Shore either. The most I've seen of it are the parodies that other tv shows make of it.