Friday, November 25, 2011


When we drove down to New Jersey last weekend, we knew it was going to be a very short trip. I had my convocation on Friday & Pat had to work on Monday. But still, we wanted to make the most of it while we were there. Our 2 main goals besides the shower were to do a little shopping & to see the ocean for the first time.

Since Dorana lives about an hour to an hour and a half from the coast, we wanted to stay in a hotel that was a bit closer. Lucky for us, someone Pat works with has platinum status at the Sheraton, so we booked a room at the one in Eatontown, New Jersey.
Not only was it a great deal, but we were also able to receive an upgrade. Since we were only staying the one night, they put us in a suite for no extra charge.


I was pretty impressed with the room, so here's a little peek. It probably isn't all that special in terms of fancy hotel rooms, but it was the same size, if not larger, than our apartment, so I thought it was downright luxurious! I wish we could have stayed for longer!
When I walked all the way down the hallway & came upon double doors with our room number on them, I was beyond excited! To the immediate left was the bathroom, separated into 2 rooms:
The outer room had a large closet, counter & mirrors, a sink & a little stool.
I'm not going to lie - this jacuzzi was probably the best part:
Just don't ask how long it took 2 university grads to figure out how to get it to work!

As you walked into the suite, this glass wall was to the right:
On the other side - a little kitchenette:
... with more counter space than I have here:
And then here's the rest of the room, to the right of the kitchen & entrance:
The counter is right beside this table, just out of frame.
The walls were lined with big windows (though the scenery wasn't much to look at). And this bed - or rather, these pillows!
Platinum status also granted us access to the club room, with free appetizers in the evenings, free breakfast in the morning (not just on weekdays like the rest of the hotel) & discounted drinks. The breakfast was a little disappointing, but there was juice, water & energy bars that we could take with us as we made our way to the coast. And the club room was lovely. I forgot my bathing suit, so we didn't go check out the pool, not that we really had time anyway.

The only downside was the wake-up call we received at 2:30 in the morning. The fire alarm went off..... and continued for at least 45 minutes. It was chaotic - no one was answering the lobby phone, one announcement said it was a false alarm & the next said to stay outside until the firefighters were done. Pat was nonchalant, he was just going to stay in the room. I was a little frantic - fire is probably one of my biggest fears & I find loud noises disorienting - so we went down to the lobby & waited until things started to settle.

Despite that, I would definitely stay there again. The staff were pleasant & helpful, the room was clean & comfortable, it was easy to get to & close to the coast.

Speaking of which... that's where we're headed next! More photos soon!

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