Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Construction on the Coast

When we drove to the Jersey shore, we just stopped at the first beach we came upon. As it so happens, there was construction taking up most of the beach. We skirted around to get to the water, but many of my photos have the tell-tale bright orange marking the construction zone. Made for a few interesting shots:
I like the tracks in the sand.
And the fluttering orange flags.
Here's a large flock of shore birds I couldn't get a very good photo of... but the birds behind the "keep out" sign is pretty great. And so are the soaring birds:
I wish we could have spent more time seeking out different beaches, comparing the rocks & shells collected from each one.
But I'm really glad I can finally say I've seen the ocean!
I have a few more sets of photos from the coast to show you, but I'll keep them in draft mode for those days when I'm at a loss for time or words. I will try to get them up sooner rather than later though - I need the motivation to continue taking more pictures!

(Are you ready for it to be December tomorrow? I'm not!)


Lizzie Barbie said...

I love the pictures and I love the ocean even the taste of salty water, but mostly I like to collect shells, I don't have anymore, I used to collect them when I was a kid and I lived in Cuba, I had so many of them, some really big pink ones and some broken corals once we found a dead starfish, that was cool and captured a baby octopus, that was awesome.
Is tomorrow seriously December???

Anonymous said...

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