Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Devil's Punchbowl

Pat was restless last weekend & suggested we get out of the apartment & go find a waterfall. Uhmmm.... YES please! My favourite summer activity! So we quickly settled on the Devil's Punchbowl, a well known sight that we hadn't yet seen. Off we went, camera banging against my chest - want to see some of the pictures we took?
There it is, the Devil's Punchbowl. It's a 37m-high thin ribbon waterfall with variable water flow. The escarpment cliff surrounding it is shaped like a horseshoe with beautiful colour gradations.
The cliff walls, composed of dolomitic limestone (according to Wiki), look almost man-made, huge slabs stacked atop one another. Here's Pat peeking around some of those stones:
The view was breath-taking (that's Lake Ontario in the distance):
After seeing what we could from the lip of the escarpment, we started to walk back. I was stopping every few metres, taking pictures of greenery. That's when I noticed this little guy:
Can you see him? The little orange blob, right in the middle? I'm pretty sure it was a fawn or deer, though it was really hard to tell from our distant viewpoint. I could see him moving his head around, basking in the sun. I love wildlife, so I was pretty excited! While I stared at him for a bit, Pat wandered & found a path leading down.
How could we resist? The ground cover looked like lace.
It was so quiet, it felt like we were the only 2 people there.
Soon, we came to the bottom of the valley & its trickling stream. As I looked out towards the water, Pat took this especially tranquil photo:
It was so peaceful.

Until we had to walk back up out of the gorge... Ouch! My poor bum & thighs!
But I had a smile on my face the whole time - I just can't help grinning when surrounded by so much green!


donnarose said...

great photos amanda
cute people too

Danielle said...

I love this area. The escarpment has such beautiful little water water falls.

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