Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Creative Space

Only a few new pages in my sketchbook from the weekend:
I made some sketches of my gramma's cottage before I painted the rock shown yesterday. I also used up some of the excess paint, the first bit of paint in this book:
This week I worked in a new book. Or rather, an old book, reborn. I removed some pages from this old book to make room for lots of collage elements.

Here's the first spread I've been working on in short bursts:
There are a lot of layers to it & I expect to add a few more before I'm finished.


Misty said...

me likey! :)
I ♥ refurbished stuff! :D

Christie Cottage said...

If I started a sketchbook, I would never want to put it down!

Have a wonderful day and please stop by my blog and read about a special lady today