Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Presentation Day

I had a presentation to give yesterday. It was a pretty big one - one of my degree requirements (not my thesis defense yet though). I presented my work during Research Rounds, which occur every week & many of the important profs & clinicians from the hospital attend. Yikes! Talk about intimidating! Luckily, my supervisor, Param, presented with me & more or less set the stage for me.

I was SO nervous, but it went very smoothly. I could have benefited from some more practice, but I was only given 2 weeks to prepare. More than enough I guess, since it did really go quite well. I knew there were 2 spots that would be likely to trip me up: the very beginning & the last of my 4 methods... The beginning went just fine. Once I was up there, I didn't even notice the crowd. I was just talking about my work, explaining things, sort of in my own little bubble. It was a strange feeling, but very powerful. What I liked the most was that everyone was there to listen to me & no one was going to interrupt!

Then I got to the last of my methods & totally blanked on a word. "Antibody." A crucial component of the method I was trying to explain. And when I blank, I blank completely. All I could see, picture & think was "A.... A.... A...." But I recovered & there were only 3 more slides to go after that. Relief.

Of course if I was going to get up there & lecture to a bunch of scientists, I had to dress the part. Here's what I wore:
Tommy Hilfiger button-up, Le Chateau pencil skirt, Aldo shoes

Don't be fooled, I only look calm here because it's all over - these photos were taken after I was all done. In reality, I was fighting back the butterflies going crazy in my stomach. ... And sweating buckets, see?
Gross, I know. Deodorant/antiperspirant totally doesn't work for me. At all. Ever. It SUCKS.

But everything turned out for the best. Param was extremely please, saying it was the best student presentation he's seen. All of the questions & comments I received were very positive. I was walking on air yesterday, it was such a great, light feeling of accomplishment! Now I just need to finish writing & defend!


Kara Lennox said...

Yay for you! You look great, too. (Well, except for the pit stains, but I'm sure no one could see those!) LOL, you crack me up.

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Good for you!!!! Thanks for sharing the underarm pictures! :P

Jill said...

Great!!!!! I knew you would do well!!

Mrs Linee said...

Well done indeed ☺