Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Five

Since starting my Sunday Seven posts, I've felt these Friday Fives to be sort of redundant. And if I blog about my week during the week? It becomes very difficult to find 5 more interesting things to talk about. So I've decided to take a new spin on an old feature. Friday Fives will now be pure inspiration. Photos, recipes, books, quotes, artists - things that have inspired me this week.
  1. Flickr photo I wish I took: by HWPhillips
  2. Recipe I loved: this amazing pork tenderloin
  3. Blog post that everyone should read: when the going gets tough by kayotic kitchen
  4. Project I want to try: Martha Stewart DIY shift dress
  5. Something I listed on Etsy: Jane ACEO
What's inspiring you this week?


Christie Cottage said...

That first photo is amazing!


Deana Mattos said...

I like your Friday Five. I can't wait to find time to try that shift dress, have the skirt washed and ready.

Mrs Linee said...

Love the first pic