Sunday, June 12, 2011

52 Lists: Week 2

I almost forgot about the challenge this week.... I had it in my mind that I only had one post to do today. I posted my Sunday Seven this morning & was ready to start breakfast. I always catch up with my blog reader first though, so I caught Brittni's clever list & that's when I remembered.

Week 2: What have you learned from a place you once visited?
I haven't traveled much, but I have moved from the country (with this in my front yard:
and this in the back:
) to the city (with this as my view on a foggy day:
). Although I love the conveniences of the city, my heart remains in the country. I can't get home often, so I'm glad Hamilton had lots of trails & green space to hike around in.

Check out Kellie's blog & the Flickr group for more inspiring week 2 lists!

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