Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

Since I've been so busy with work lately, I've been trying to squeeze in a little crafting time here & there. Early in the week, I broke out my inks & stamps to add another layer to the latest painting I've been working on:
I'd started this mixed-media piece a little while ago when finishing up my Sketchbook Project.
I began with a base of gesso & collage. My first layer of paint was dark purple & green.
I wasn't too happy with that combination, so I covered it with some more collage, concentrating on bright colours.
Pale yellow & green paint kept things light, giving this piece a cheery feel.
I added a few more collage elements, as well as a bit more paint, embellishing with splashes of deep coral pink & black.
So this week I added some layers of ink - polkadots, flowers, lines - and now I can't decide if it's finished or not.
I really love the texture of all these layers.
It makes me happy as it is - like a spring fling, a big bash, a garden party. I'll leave it on display for now & see how I feel about adding to it.

Speaking of unfinished pieces on display around here, this soaring bird is still out:
I can't decide how to finish it - the original idea was leaping from a cage door, or possibly a tree, but now I'm not so sure I want to clutter the edges too much. I like the limitless feel to the sky... any suggestions?

The bottom right corner was bothering me - so I added a hill in the background. Perfect! It's now listed in my shop.

Throughout the week I also broke into a new sketchbook:
I completed this page of flowers only to realize that the first page was statically clinging to the cover.
So I filled in the opposite page to complete the spread:
I really love this spread. I can see my evolution as an artist / sketcher here. There is evidence of my love of repetitive circles & layered flowers, as well as influences of Charley Harper (particularly in this fish):
I can also see that some inspiration was gleaned from Alisa Burke, a new favourite blog of mine.
I can't wait to see this sketchbook unfold.

You can find more creative spaces over at kootoyoo.


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

OOHHH! They are all nice pieces! The first one is going to look wonderful when completed!

Nauli said...

Your work looks impressive! Great, what you do!