Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative Space

I've only had a bit of time in my sketchbook this week. This is my newest sketchbook - I've already shown you the first page spread I filled in, after having inadvertently skipped the front page:
I like the first page to be personal, and since I was inspired by Charley Harper & Alisa Burke for this spread, I thought I'd borrow inspiration from another favourite artist of mine, Gustav Klimt, for the front.
I've only ever collaged my goddesses out of pieces of paper, so I decided to stick to pencils & pens this time. I sketched her out with pencil, then traced the lines with black pen.

I wanted colour & patterns mimicking Klimt blended with my own style, so I filled her clothing in with pastel dots & the background with rounded yellow squares.
I'm so pleased with how she turned out - she makes me smile every time I open my book!

I've only filled in one other page, the next one, in this sketchbook. On Valentine's day, I felt like drawing my honey - so I took this reference photo of Pat & sketched out his face in pencil:

Once happy with my sketch, I again traced the outlines with black pen.

Men aren't the easiest for me to draw, so I'm pretty pleased with this. He's recognizable at least - the only thing really "wrong" is the size of his eyes (just a bit too big).

Drawing in my sketchbook is very relaxing - and I'm really enjoying seeing my progress as an artist unfold.

Head on over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces.


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

WOW!! You are good!! Your goddess is fantastic!! Pat came out good too!!

Christie Cottage said...

Great sketches!

Have a wonderful day and stop by my blog if you get a chance!


RitaJC said...

Great drawing! Thanx for sharing!

Deana Mattos said...

very good job, impressive, faces are hard

Lizzie Barbie said...

Awesome projects! I like how you were able to draw Pat. Faces are the hardest thing to draw!