Monday, February 14, 2011

Mosaic Monday

It's Mosaic Monday! I hope you'll join us - it's really easy! Just make a mosaic - you can use whatever photo editing software you like, or a website such as the mosaic maker & photos from Flickr - & then post it on your blog. Go ahead & pick a theme if you want, but don't feel like you have to. Have fun with it!

Make sure to come back here & add a link to your blog post so that
others can see your awesome mosaic!

Here's mine for this week: Happy Valentine's Day!

Even if you aren't one to celebrate Valentine's Day, I hope everyone will take the time today to make up a list of all the people they love. Then tell them so - you'll be sure to bring a smile to a few faces!

As for me, I received my Valentine's Day surprise a few days early: Pat came home from getting his hair cut on Saturday with a small bag for me. Inside? A gift certificate for a 45 minute massage at a day spa just up the road from our place!!! I can't wait! How thoughtful & unexpected - (I guess he can be spontaneously romantic on occasion!) I love that man!

Here's the list of mosaics this week. Once you've blogged, click the button below to add your blog post link.

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