Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 52

So week 5 of Project 52 wasn't a good week for me. The theme was muse & I couldn't think of anything to photograph. Plus, I didn't have much free time to play with my camera.

Week 6 rolled around & still no photo - I felt like such a slacker. The theme for this week was words. And then it all clicked together for me. Words, reading, writing - these are all incredibly inspiring to me - you could certainly call books a muse of mine. So here are the photos I came up with:

week 5/52: muse

This Willow Tree figurine (my mom & I call them faceless angels) is named wisdom & I absolutely adore her. I actually have seven Willow Tree figurines (Angel of Protection, Angel of Learning, wisdom, birthday girl, Angel of Courage, Angel of Wishes & mother and daughter ... hmmm, looks like I need to make a Collections post about them), but this is one of my favourites (reminds me of myself).

This photo is slightly edited: I made it brighter with a white balance & rounded the corners.

week 6/52: words

This is a photo of a page spread in a diary of mine. I've kept a diary regularly since high school - this journal is from the beginning of 2010. On these pages, I'm actually talking about writing & how I want to do more of it: scientific writing & recreational.

I didn't edit this photo - the bright, dreamy feel was created with my Nikon D3000 (high ISO & wide open aperture).

The theme for week 7 is open your heart. I think I might try photographing some people for this one...

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Mrs Linee said...

SNAP! I have a number of willow tree ornments but this one was given to me by my Mum...