Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Five

Another busy week flying by...
  1. I tutored a course on Tuesday. The regular prof was away, so I subbed. It was the BioPharm companion course to the lab I TA, so it was all the same students (well, half of them, so 10 students). It was a lot of fun!
  2. Speaking of the 3rd year BioPharmers, I'm all done TAing that lab. The students have the next couple of months to work on an independent project. So, according to BioPharm tradition, the class is taking us - the TAs & Denis, our program director - out for dinner tonight.
  3. I received quite a few samples in the lab this week - lots of fat to process!
  4. I started a new book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. I started it yesterday & have already read half, it's that good. It's a very easy read with figures & diagrams because it's written from an autistic boy's point of view. I love books with an interesting layout like that!
  5. Dorana, our MMG captain, started a 200 in 100 challenge. The goal is to have 200 items in your shop - or to list 100 new items if you're already at 200 - in the next 100 days. So I've listed some new things, including the little blue house with a red door painting I showed yesterday & this sweet bracelet:
I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day weekend - nothing planned here, I have to go into work both Saturday & Sunday.... well at least there's nothing that I know about yet! But I won't hold my breath - Pat isn't the most spontaneous, romantic person I know. We'll see - it isn't like I have anything for him anyway! Maybe I'll convince him to take me out for dinner...


Angie said...

I loved that book!

Christie Cottage said...

I just realized it IS Valentine's weekend when I read that here! LOL Guess who didn't get anyone cards!?!