Friday, October 14, 2011

Edward & Grandma

This post is about Edward, my nephew, & his grandma (my mom).
Edward loves his grandma. My mom dotes on him & the fact that my brother & his family live down the road from my parents means that grandma is often just a short walk away. You can see my parents' house in the middle of the horizon in the photo below. My brother's house is just visible at the left of the frame. On weekends especially, walking up to grandma's is a daily occurrence.
While I was there, Edward was eager to show everyone his Halloween costume. I think my mom was just as excited.
My mom found it & couldn't resist - Spongebob Squarepants is a bit of a celebrity in our house. My dad in particular gets a kick out of him, so Spongebob is often the theme of gag gifts for him. There's even a Spongebob ornament for the Christmas tree. Now we also have a little Spongebob trick-or-treater:
Isn't he adorable? It'll look especially cute all poofy with his winter coat underneath, which he'll need when they go out October 31st.
One of our walks this weekend was all the way to the bush - a forest at one end of my parents property. It's a bit of a walk, about 20 minutes or so, but so worth it. Walking around on the rocks & through the paths, crunching through the leaves & lichen is always so rewarding. I'll show you pictures of the foliage tomorrow - today I wanted to showcase a boy & his grandma.
You'll notice our guard dog Buster was never too far away. There are lots of cars & there have been bears & other wild animals - I think it's apparent that Buster knows this. He was watching us closely.

Well, by us I mean them. He didn't pay much attention to me. I'm just around every so often.
This walk was actually all Edward's idea. He wanted to walk up to the bush with grandma. And that's because grandma makes it fun - she packs water bottles & a snack in her little bag & will stay for as long as he wants.
We walked around, climbed rocks, collected leaves, balanced on logs & drank a lot of water - it was hot that day!
My mom asked me to take their picture. This one & the one at the beginning of this post are the best ones. I like the story they tell. Buster, at attention. Edward, captured as the sweet little boy he is - holding a rock & showing off his little truck.
He decided he wanted to run through the field on the way back, so grandma went with him. I stuck to the road & caught them traipsing through gold.
There's a lot of love to be found on these dirt roads.
That's just one of the reasons I love to visit as often as I can.


donnarose said...

Wonderful photos of grandma and her pride and joy. Loving setting where your family lives.

Lizzie Barbie said...

Lovely pictures. I love the place it looks like a lot of fun walking and all, minus the bears. Edward seems to love his costume, he is so cute.