Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Creative Space

Lately, whenever I get a chance to sit down at my craft desk, it's been to work on a still-secret-special project that I may be revealing soon... or something just for me. Filling various sketchbooks, drawing, collaging, painting & generally making all kinds of art for myself.

Here's a look at the latest project I've started:

That's right, another notebook! Well, soon-to-be, I've only just started. I'm using the covers from 2 old books & transforming them into pages of an art book. The first step is to cover the pages with collage - here's the first one:

When deciding on scraps of paper to collage with, I went with 4 different colour themes. This is the brown one:

While I was waiting for these photos to upload, I went ahead & collaged an orange/green page, so I only have 2 more to do before I start the second step: adding some paint!

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Lizzie Barbie said...

Very cool. I want to see whats coming next.

Angie said...

I'm getting anxious to see what the surprise project is!!!