Friday, October 21, 2011

New Boots

So I think time for a little update on my life. It feels like it's been a while... but that may just be because lots of things are happening around here!

I'm still looking for a job & spending lots of time at home, lounging around & catching up on my reading. Currently, I'm enjoying A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin: an epic, almost-historical, fantasy series - my favourite! I'll definitely be reading the other books in the series! I love reading & missed being able to devour novels, doing nothing else all day. That was a bit hard to do while I was trying to finish up my Master's, but now that I'm done, nothing's stopping me!

Well... nothing but the job searching.

I heard back from that place I interviewed at twice & completed a writing test for..... they went with someone who had more experience. I felt so comfortable there & the fit was so right, I was actually a little surprised. But of course experience trumps no experience when everything else is equal.


I can't lie & say that I wasn't discouraged. How am I supposed to gain experience if I need experience to get a job? Arg.

But I haven't given up & applied to 2 jobs today - both entry level positions I am more than qualified for, so here's hoping I hear back for an interview. I have a few more lined up to apply for on Monday & a lot more searching to do.

Keep your fingers crossed for me? Thanks!

Besides that, I bought some new books last weekend. They're really cute:
I'll try to get a good picture of me from head to toe in them. They make me smile & feel really good about myself. This is the first pair of boots I own that I can actually tuck pants into & look cute with a skirt... so I'm pretty excited! Now I just need a new pair of nice shoes since the soles are falling off the ones I've been wearing for the past 8 years!

Lastly, did you see? I updated the picture I used as my blog "profile" photo. I wanted a change because I felt like I was hiding too much under my cloche in the previous picture. Do you like it?

I was playing around in the gimp while editing that photo & came up with this "old style" photo:
Not bad, eh? Do you think I could've survived the "olden days," like the 20-30s? Maybe I should put that beloved cloche back on after all!

Do you ever imagine yourself in the past? I do! I love thinking about the part & feel especially connected with some of the eras. If I had lived in the 20-30s, I would definitely have been a flapper & a suffragette. I strongly believe in woman's equality & promote it whenever I can! What about you?

What era would you like to experience the most? You know, if you had a time travel machine? I'd love to live through the 1920's as well as the 1700's and ancient Rome/Greece. Sometimes I dream or read about these eras & they seem much more real than the time I'm living in... perhaps there is some truth to reincarnation after all? What do you think?


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Love the new picture!! Sorry about the job (((HUGS)))!! Good Luck with the interviews!!

Angie said...

I'm reading A Game of Thrones as well right now!! Have you seen the HBO series? They're only a season in, but it's pretty good!

Don't get too discouraged about the job hunt - experience does, unfortunately, always trump: there's people who have been hired where I am, and instead of giving the job to a young person, who needs the money - they give it to someone who has retired, and b/c they're bored want to come back. *sigh* (a poor investment too - since they'll be gone in another couple years to truly retire) I found that knowing people went a long way in my search, so def keep up with your contacts.

Lovely boots! :)

Lizzie Barbie said...

I have a few comments:
The boots are really cute and look warm.
The new picture is fabulous although I liked the last one too. But you should keep this one.
About the job searching I've felt the same all while I've been looking for jobs, They always want experience, so how are we going to get it??? But you are a smart girl you'll find something.
Also I wish I would have lived in the 20s sure, not in Europe though, but If I had a time machine I would go back to Egypt, I like Alexandria, but I wouldn't want to be there for the mess Cleopatra created. lol