Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Second Interview

I had my second interview / writing test today. I was told I might not hear back from them until next week, so when I got the call on Monday, I was beyond excited. I met with 2 different women & had a very similar interview to the last one. One of them was one of the 2 founding partners (I met the 2 junior partners last week) & she told me a great deal about the company & their goals. It went really well; another very comfortable interview I think. Then came the writing test, which was simpler than I though. It was 2 parts: reading comprehension (with a writing component - can you extract data from a study & present it in your own words?) and an editing part. Again, I think it went well. I love writing & editing, even though I never took an English course after high school (or before high school, for that matter, since my elementary school was in French... which means I never actually learned proper English grammar. But I read a lot. That counts, right?). About half way through my writing test, the other founding partner came in to say hi. Which was really nice of him... & probably wouldn't have happened if they weren't really considering me.... right?!?

When I left, they said I'd hear back in 2 weeks. That's what they said after the last interview, but called me 2 business days later, so........

My fingers are crossed! This would be a great opportunity for me. And how awesome would it be if I found a job before convocation (where I officially receive my diploma) and after only sending out 2 resumes!?!! Hoping... but trying not to get my hopes up too much!

So... I'm celebrating with a bottle of wine tonight. I hope you'll join me! And hopefully I'll have something else to celebrate very soon... and maybe sooner than 2 weeks time!

Crossed fingers & prayers are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Angie said...

Congrats! I'm sure you did amazing :)

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Lizzie Barbie said...

Congratulations, My fingers are also crossed for you!