Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Seven

Since Tuesday's blog post, I've been thinking a lot about being thankful & noticing the little things. The hardest part for me is to remember to be appreciative every day. Lately, my life has been a steamroller - I just feel flattened by all the work I have to do in order to finish up my degree. And honestly, I'm dragging my feet, complaining about it instead of being proactive & productive.

But the point is... life happens. Some days go by so quickly they're just a blur & it barely seems like I've lived them. So - for me at least - being grateful is all about slowing down too.

How do I plan on doing that? I'm still not exactly sure, but I think a challenge is in order. I'm challenging myself to record one thing for which I'm thankful each day. Of course, there's no better way to keep track of a good challenge than by blogging about it (and obviously I can't resist a nicely ordered list)!

Thusly, Sunday Seven is born. Here are the seven things for which I was grateful this week:
  1. Sunday: chicken roasting in the oven
  2. Monday: my stand mixer (& Pat for driving me to pick it up)
  3. Tuesday: feeling empowered after my morning yoga
  4. Wednesday: MMG craft day
  5. Thursday: my hat (I get so many compliments on it!)
  6. Friday: Pat's presentation went well
  7. Saturday: lazy Saturdays spent reading
What were you thankful for last week?


Christie Cottage said...

Yes...slow down. I used to laugh at that saying "Stop, and smell the roses" It had nothing to do with the roses, only to enjoy life!

Your hat is cute!

I have a vintage herringbone man's blazer that would make several of those.

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs Linee said...

It's always good to stop and take time to smell the Roses... I think if we all took time to stop and reflect and give thanks this worl would be a better place.