Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

Oh gosh, can you believe it's already a week into April? Does anyone remember seeing March? It seems like such a blur to me... time is flying by too quickly! I still have so much to do before my conference in May!

Here's what I was up to this week (besides the usual science routine):
  1. I picked up my mixer on Monday. I love it! I made dinner rolls & peanut butter cookies that afternoon.In fact, I had a very productive day in the kitchen on Monday. I made broth with the roasted chicken carcass from the night before - & used it to make chicken & dumplings for supper. I washed & ripped up my lettuce & chopped/prepped some veggies for easy snacking & salad making. I felt so organized & ready for a hectic week! I need to do that every weekend!
  2. I'm trying to get back into my yoga routine.I was doing about 20 minutes, almost every day ... and then I did nothing all of March. I really like it in the morning - I feel so refreshed & awake afterwards.
  3. My mom sent me a package in the mail. A couple bottles of nail polish (green & purple) & a cookbook. This cookbook - Quinoa 365 by Patricia Green & Carolyn Hemming - is a beautiful book. Well written with some really awesome recipes, tips & photos. I only wish there were photos of all the dishes instead of just a few. So guess what I had for breakfast this morning? Quinoa of course! With raspberries & toasted almonds - it was delicious!
  4. Thursday night, Pat & I went to a political rally. If you know me, you know I don't care much about politics. And I really don't know much about the parties or their policies here in Canada... I usually vote NDP because they always win in my riding anyway & at least then I could say my vote counted (I really don't like our electoral system - it should be a proportional representation in my opinion). But I figured now was a good time to learn, make an educated decision, whether my vote will count or not. Both the prime minister Stephen Harper & the leading opposition, Michael Ignatieff were in Hamilton Thursday. I do NOT like the Conservatives at all, so I didn't bother going to see Harper - but we did make it to Ignatieff's town hall meeting. The room was PACKED - we were standing outside the main room as he walked in. I SHOOK HIS HAND!!! He looked right at me & said "that's a nice hat!" EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! That totally made my day! But we couldn't actually hear him speaking, so we left soon after. Note to self: show up early for the Green Party & NDP rallies!
  5. I received another request for a bulk order of mini notebooks. Not sure if it's going to work out yet, but it's very exciting & encouraging. I'm going to add a few listings in my shop for custom bulk orders... but I'll still be creating one of a kind sets. This one is one of my favourites:
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Not much planned here, but I'm hoping to spend most of my time baking & crafting!


Angie said...

Sounds like a great, and very productive week!! :) I love quinoa - so I'm super jealous that you have that cookbook lol - it's so delicious and nutritious.

Christie Cottage said...

The rolls look great!

Have a wonderful Saturday!