Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Creative Space

Tuesday, I saw half of an old stuffed toy on the New Day Foster Home blog & an idea immediately sparked in my mind. I had to recreate it right away. So I drew up a rough template & sewed all afternoon. Here are the results:

It was the mouth that gave me my idea - it was large & colourful & looked almost like you could hide something in there. So... why not? I decided I would make a "stomach" that could hold a little trinket.
I had a toy as a kid that was similar. It was a mother cat with a pocket in her belly that held five kittens. So I decided to make a cat as well, but with a little snack for his belly:
A little fish!
Hahaha! I'm so happy with how he turned out - I can't help but giggle when I pick him up.
The design or sewing isn't perfect, but the quilting on his belly is pretty darn good I think. And he sits up on his own because of his tail:

I had to stitch his entire mouth by hand. A little tedious, but so worth it!
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Angie said...

What a cute guy, I love the little hiding place! Have you named him yet?

Kate said...

Adorable! I love the mouth and fish treat!