Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet my New Friend

I've had a pet for as long as I can remember. We always had cats and dogs and I got my first fish tank... gosh, maybe when I was in grade 5 or so? Then I had a bird through high school and university. But ever since losing my finch Micheal last fall, I've been pet-less and lonely, especially sitting here all alone all day, plugging away at my job search. So I decided to get myself another fish - why not? Bettas (or Siamese fighting fish) are very easy to care for and pretty cheap. Plus, I already had a bowl and some rocks that would be perfect for him.
Recognize the dish? I made a terrarium out of it last fall, but the cactus was not doing so well. So I moved him into a little pot in preparation for my new friend:
Hopefully he'll do better with more sun and air circulation.
So can you spot my fish? Haha! I'd be pretty surprised if so - he isn't in there yet. This is where he'll be residing though. I set everything up yesterday and went to the pet shop today. I thought I wanted a red one, but then I saw this little guy:
Although you can't really tell much in these photos, his colouring is gorgeous - a lovely dark shade of blue with purple and red in his fins. His fins are also edged in white and the small ones in front are nearly transparent with a few spots on them. The bottom fin is also scalloped in the back. Too cute!
Now what should I name him? I'm leaning towards Lir or Llyr or Liir - the first spelling is Celtic and the second is Welsh, both for the god of the sea, which seems appropriate. The third spelling is based on the character from the book Wicked, which is probably what I'll go with since it combines my love of mythology and reading. Unless I find something better...

Any name suggestions before I'm settled?

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Kate said...

Looks awesome! Love the dino :)