Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Creative Space

Here are my next six pages in the 30 Day Journal Challenge - prompts 14-19. I've fallen a bit behind, but I hope to catch up in the next few days!

Prompt #14: my roles

Here are the two pages (including Lestat) side by side:
Prompts #13 + #14

Prompt #15: I will not be defined by...

Prompt #16: imagine

Prompt #17: my dad
I love the background for this page: it's similar to my love languages page.

Prompt #18: copy a photo multiple times and doodle over them

And here are those two pages side by side:

Prompts #17 + #18

Prompt #19: I should be...
Another page I'm really happy with, mostly because I'm using different supplies (paint, security envelopes, accounting graph paper) and because some of the items are "should be," some are "want to be" and some are both!

If you'd like to see more photos of these pages, check out my Flickr folder. I also highly recommend checking out the Run With Scissors Flickr group, where all the participants are posting pages from their 30 Day Journal Challenge. Lastly, you can find more creative spaces here.

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