Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Creative Space

Here are my next seven pages in the 30 Day Journal Challenge - prompts 7-13. I'm really happy with how this project is shaping up! All of the pages make me so happy, but especially those where I've challenged myself a bit more than usual.

Prompt #7: things that make me happy

Prompt #8: my dream home
This collage turned out just as I imagined it and makes me so happy! My dream home is filled with books, animals and my favourite things, and is situated near water, forests and fields. One can certainly dream anyway!

Prompt #9: shout something at the top of your lungs

Prompt #10: summer projects
Please ignore the stains from the next page - I should have taken a picture before moving on...

Prompt #11: love languages
I really, really, really love the background for this page: graph paper ripped & glued in the center of each page, the edges covered in gesso & then dripped with watered-down India ink. Grid washi tape finishes it off, completing the science-y feel which works well with the "test" we took to find out our love languages.

Prompt #12: my favourite places
Another collage, another favourite page. This includes only a few of my favourite places - those I could find collage ephemera for: the past (in books), museums and art galleries, Canada, Northern Ontario, Hamilton, Europe (even though I've never been) and on the water, preferably in a Giesler boat.

Prompt #13: my favourite character from a book
This page was quite a process, but I'm proud of myself for plugging away and not taking the easy way out. When I first saw the prompt, I immediately thought of Lestat de Lioncourt. I've read all of Anne Rice's books two or three times (except the newer ones) and have been in love with Lestat from the very beginning. He's a real vampire - not like that sissy Edward.

But... well, I suck at drawing men; they always turn out wonky & feminine (as you can see above). So I wasn't going to draw him. But then I realized - isn't that the whole point? To challenge myself? I had to draw Lestat! I sketched him in pencil, intending to go over it with ink... but then I kind of liked it as is. Rougher, but more forgiving. I was also going to leave it without colour, but I can't picture Lestat without seeing his blond hair and blue eyes, so I shaded him in with pencil crayons. The yellow page gives him a sickly cast, but overall, it isn't a bad rendition. Not exactly as I see him in my head, but almost! 

If you'd like to see more photos of these pages, check out my Flickr folder. I also highly recommend checking out the Run With Scissors Flickr group, where all the participants are posting pages from their 30 Day Journal Challenge. Lastly, you can find more creative spaces here.

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Angie said...

love, love your language of love page - it really came out nice! all that ink is really contributing nicely! Your shout out is awesome too :D

... i want to go to Europe too; hopeing to go South again this winter though - so toasty warm there :)