Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday Night Concert

On Friday, Pat and I went to a concert with a few friends.
The band playing wasn't anyone super famous - it was the solo band of one of the guys from my buddy's favourite band Phish - and it was at a smaller venue (the Danforth Music Hall), but what an awesome show!
We had a great time jamming all night. I danced my butt off!
The light show was particularly amazing (as Phish is known for), so even though I don't typically take photos at concerts, I had to that night. This is only half of it though - I wasn't able to capture the lights that danced around the hall.
If you aren't one for concerts, you should definitely reconsider and give it a try. Live music is just so much better! If your favourite singers aren't touring, look for local talent at smaller venues or check out the nearest city's symphony orchestra. A night of relaxing music - or crazy dancing - is a great night out.


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