Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Goals

First off, let me start by saying - no, I will not be setting myself 2013 goals. These are goals for 2013. Just wanted to clear that up! (smile)

I was looking back through my archives and realized that I've never posted resolutions or yearly goals before. Come to think of it, I don't know that I've made a formalized list before 2012. Last year, I  made myself two lists as part of my 366Pages sketchbook project: a short list of goals plus a list of 12 new things to try in 2012.

Before I get to my 2013 goals, let's recap last year's.

2012 Goals

  1. Read 50 books. Done. I read 56 books in 2012 (it really helped that I wasn't working most of the year and I squeezed some short books between the 1000-pagers).
  2. Travel somewhere we've never been. Not done, unless you count traveling to Toronto to find a new place to live... which I don't. I kind of crossed this goal off before 2012 - Pat and I made a road trip to the Jersey Shore in November 2011, so it was asking a bit much to travel again, especially when we were just barely getting by on Pat's salary alone.
  3. Find a job! Done. Definitely my biggest accomplishment this year.
  4. Adopt a pet. Sort of done. I did adopt a fish over the summer - unfortunately, he didn't survive very long, poor thing. I still really want a pet, especially a bunny or guinea pig or maybe another little bird, but Pat needs much more convincing.
12 Firsts for 2012
  1. Make a scarf. Not done.
  2. Send snail mail - just for fun. Done.
  3. Make a calendar with my art. Not done.
  4. Try squash (the sport). Not done.
  5. Wear a skirt / dress everyday for a month. Done.
  6. Cook with shrimp. Done.
  7. Walk all the way up Hamilton mountain. Not done.
  8. Make myself an article of clothing (and wear it). Not done.
  9. Properly catalog all my books. Started.
  10. Take a course (art, exercise, science, etc). Done.
  11. Cook with beets. Not done.
  12. Make a goddess and use a photo to update my blog banner. Not done.

Less than half completion rate isn't ideal, but I'm happy with the ones I did accomplish. Those that didn't get crossed off are themes that I'll constantly be revisiting when it comes to self-improvement: be more creative, exercise more, eat better, experience new things, travel. I'm hoping that 2013 will be a year of self-improvement, that I work on these goals with intention, that I fill my life with purpose.

2013 Goals

  1. Read 50 new (to me) books. Last year's 56 included a couple of re-reads. Not so this year. This goal will definitely be harder to cross off though - I can't lounge around at home, reading all day anymore. Still, so far I'm right on track with two done in two weeks.
  2. Try five recipes from my Jerusalem cookbook. I want to continue being adventurous in the kitchen, trying new foods and flavours.
  3. Grow an herb garden. I'm so excited I finally have sun to be able to do this!
  4. Save money for our trip to Calgary in May. This will be the hardest one as I'm so not a saver.
  5. Practice yoga daily. A work in progress, but a routine I really want to get back into.
  6. Blog at least three times a week. I know daily is too much for me now that I'm working, but I do want to keep things going here.
  7. Make gifts and cards in advance this year - send them early, be more prepared for birthdays and holidays.
  8. Do a photo-an-hour once a month. I really want to use my camera more and this is just one fun way to do that.
  9. Update my blog: new banner, colours, goddess. This has been a goal of mine for a while now. This year is the year to do it.
  10. Journal - write, doodle, collage - every day. Stretch my creative wings.

I think that's an attainable list for me. I know I won't be perfect - I won't be creative or exercise every single day - but as long as I keep these goals in mind, and work towards them, 2013 is going to shape up to be a pretty awesome year!

What are your goals for the coming year?


Angie said...

Great goals!! My new year's resolution is to attempt to donate blood this year. It seems very feasible, and something James strongly believes in - as do I, except I'm a little more squirmy about needles poking me.

Angie said...

ps. I'm not sure if you're on Goodreads or not, but you can set a 50 book goal there, and then keep track / put a button about it too :)