Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well... we're slowly moving in. I started my 1-9 shift on Monday and we need to be ready for our final walk-through in Hamilton this Saturday, so we haven't had much time to focus on our new place. Still, it's coming along, slowly. My mom has been crying for photos though, so here we are:

BEFORE (after bringing in the first car loads):

AFTER (as in right now):
Only the living room for now - with a look into the kitchen (from the living room) - as I have to run to work. I'm heading in a bit early for a talk and free lunch! Working in research does have some perks!

More later - I promise mom! I really do want to get back into blogging regularly.


Angie said...

Looking good! Beautiful windows!!

Deana Mattos said...

Been thinking of you. Thanks for sharing, your apartment is adorable. The windows are amazing, all that natural light. Nice color on the walls too, to make everything pop.
Congrats again on everything.
I am trying to post on my blog regularly and may be revamping it a bit. Which I find so hard. I am hoping too to do a giveaway in January.