Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ACEO-X (5.0)

I must admit - organizing an ACEO exchange at the same time as my interview and job offer wasn't the best idea. I spent little time recruiting and as a result it was the smallest exchange yet. To make matters even more complicated, superstorm Sandy came along, making postal services and lines of communication unreliable. So, as you'll see, this post is a little different from my typical ACEO-X wrap-up.

Still, I enjoyed creating my ACEO and wanted to show it off here. I chose to add another lady to my Strong Women ACEO series - meet Lilian:
I used pencil crayons for both Lilian and her cityscape. I was really happy with her cool, sophisticated expression.

I also received my ACEO from Donna. She created this gorgeous folded-paper medallion:
The colours and texture are just fabulous - a great addition to my collection! Thank you Donna!

Lastly, I wanted to show you the ACEO my friend Angie made:
Isn't she gorgeous? Such lovely texture in this mixed-media piece.. I particularly love the purple hair!

Thank you to everyone for participating in another one of my exchanges! If you haven't received your ACEO yet, it's probably coming from or headed to New York state. Leave me a comment here when you get yours!

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