Wednesday, March 7, 2012

31 Skirts: Week 1

Today marks the end of the first week of my 31 Skirts challenge. As mentioned yesterday, I needed to catch up with the photos... so I had a mini photoshoot today. Don't mind my hair: the hot water is turned off in my apartment building this afternoon & I forgot to shower until it was too late. I'm also not wearing any accessories - I tend to wear these only if I'm actually leaving my apartment. Outfit details can be found below except for where I got my tights... I don't really know. They all came from larger department stores.

March 1
shirt: Xenotees; tanktop: American Eagle; skirt: Old Navy; socks: Tommy Hilfiger

March 2
shirt: gift from my brother; tanktop: American Eagle; skirt: Old Navy (yes, the same one as yesterday); socks: Tommy Hilfiger

March 3
shirt: Roots; tanktop: American Eagle; skirt: Dynamite; socks: Tommy Hilfiger

March 4
shirt: Tommy Hilfiger; skirt: Tommy Hilfiger; socks: Wal-Mart
I love the pattern on this skirt. It's so spring & the colours are great! The eyelet top is also very pretty & not at all obvious in the photos above:

March 5
shirt: American Eagle; tanktop: American Eagle; skirt: Studio by VDE (can't remember the name of the store I found this in...); socks: Wal-Mart; shoes: Madden Girl; Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger

March 6
shirt: Tommy Hilfiger; tanktop: American Eagle; skirt: Tommy Hilfiger; shoes: Madden Girl

March 7
tanktop: American Eagle; dress: Sirens (this is about 6 years old & one of my most comfortable dresses! I love it!); socks: Wal-Mart

As you can see, I shop at a few stores A LOT. This project is going to help me work on my poses & incorporate more colour into my daily style. I'm also going to try to use more of my wardrobe (instead of wearing the same things over & over).

My favourite poses are #1 from March 1, #2 from March 5 & #2 from March 7. My favourite outfit was from March 4 (though the 5th is pretty good too).

Which one do you prefer?


Angie said...

LOVE that colourful patterned skirt!!! I want it!!! Lol :D

Lizzie Barbie said...

Your socks are super pretty!

Lily said...

You look amazing :) that colourful patterned skirt was made for you! x

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