Friday, March 30, 2012

Sketchbook Pages

As promised, here are some collaged sketchbook pages I created this week:
This first layout was inspired by Donna of Simply Me - specifically, her Collage Monday post this week. Instead of working in my spiral-bound sketchbook, I used an old book that I've been slowly transforming, page by page. I used ledger paper as the background like Donna, though mine wasn't vintage paper (I added in some random numbers here & there). I used copper ink to age the edges a bit.
In Donna's Collage Monday post, she urged us to try using some supplies that have been hoarded for a while. So I pawed through my things & pulled out this antiqued architectural tag & sparkly star. The star is tied to a loop of paper with a piece of string - this originally held some ribbon. I stuffed some dried purple flowers into the ring & glued it all down with acrylic medium.
Donna also used pretty washi tape on her page - so I did too. I started with the polkadots since the purple matched my dried flowers - then I added some green & pink. Since I don't have ink like Donna uses, I doodled with Sharpies in matching lime & purple to tie everything together.
Lastly, I felt the section on the right-hand page needed a little something - so I added some scalloped circles. "Triumph" is a word that has been recurring in my sketchbooks a lot lately.
Sweet & simple - I absolutely love how it turned out!

I still had a piece of ledger paper left over, so I turned to my spiral-bound sketchbook for another page:
I collaged some green construction paper at the top & included washi tape at the bottom because it's so fun. Next, I wrote in a quote that I recently read online & loved:
"Dream" is another recurring sketchbook word, so I pulled out some stamps & went to town. I particularly like how the green polkadots look:
This small envelope was the perfect green, so I glued it down & embellished it with some fancy paper:
Finally, to tie everything together, I used lime green & yellow Sharpies to doodle a pattern that mimicked the pattern on the envelope:
The last thing I did was rip up some scrap watercolour paper & record a few of my dreams on them. I sealed these into the envelope for future reference.

The next day, I created this collage, still inspired by my previous pages:
I used a printed paper bag (from LCBO) & a paper doily as the background. I wasn't sure where to go next, but then I found these stamps in an envelope of ephemera:
I loved the colour, so I went through my files of clippings until I found this flower (originally from a card):
A bit of pink washi tape & a pink Sharpie finished the page nicely.

Last but not least, this page was inspired by another one of Donna's Collage Mondays:
Though my page looks nothing like hers, I accepted her challenge of using up some stickers from my stash. And I really went to town!
I have a lot of stickers, but for this page I tried to restrict myself to orange, blue, pink & cream.
I used 2 security envelopes as the background. I think it's wild, but fun.

Needless to say, if you're looking for some inspiration, check out Donna's Collage Mondays! Her sketchbooks are quite fabulous!


Deana Mattos said...

loving all these collage journal pages, what great colors

Angie said...

Loving all the washi tape!

Lizzie Barbie said...

Very interesting and love the colors.